Become a Removal Partner.

Become vital to a business by becoming a Binners Removal Partner. You will interact with Binners customers as an independent contractor. As an independent contractor you will have the freedom to earn what you want, when you want. We support you by doing everything but the driving, the lifting and sustainably disposing. All removal partners work in teams of 2 or more (usually 2). Binners will help you find a friend to partner with or you can just work with an existing friend.

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Benefits & FAQs


  1. Earn More.

    You can earn more than $50 per hour. Earn it in your home city or head over to a city that can bring you more cash. We provide the insights for you to know how to make the most.

  2. Earn When you want.

    It is up to you when you drive, our platform tells you the optimum times to make the most money. You can balance the best time to drive and the best time to do whats important to you.

  3. Be a Boss.

    It has never been easier to be your own boss then to be a removal partner on the binners platform. Time is money, so be your own boss and decide how much your taking home today.


Once you get on the platform, all you have to do is open the app then drive and make our customers happy by removing their junk. Once the junk is in your fancy new binners specialized trailer, you responsibly dispose of it with our sustainability partner network. We will also give you a friend to perform those removals with. It is that easy.

First we do the hardest part, find you the job. Next we get you to the customers location. Help you perform the removal with some real-time digital tools. Help you responsibly dispose of the items. Then get you to the next order fast to make more money. Oh and we help you get started with a whole guide from 0 to making big dough.

No problem, that just means more opportunity for you. We probably have customers hungry for removals in your area but did not have anyone as great as you to get the job done right. Apply now and go from 0 to big dough.